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At AdvisorTarget, we focus on serving Asset Management Companies, Wealth Management Firms and FinTech Platforms. Our Mission?  To enhance our clients advisor-distributed business by making the opportunity of engaging with the right advisors at the right time more efficient and effective.  Additionally, we assist Investor Relations Officers to identify institutional investors who are researching their company's stock. 

Using our patented technologies and proprietary databases, we help financial services firms connect with advisors who have shown interest in their products and services. 

How our data is different:  

  • First-Hand Insights: We rely on original, first party data. 

  • Organic Editorial Interests: We base our insights on genuine interest not just marketing responses.   

  • Advanced Technology: Our patented solutions are device agnostic and don't rely on cookies. 

  • Predictive Power: We offer timely insights into interests and intent.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Our methods are not just proven; we've optimized them for better results. 

  • Versatility: Discover a wide range of actionable use cases across our data set. 

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Market Demand

Much of the data utilized today to target potential advisor clients is derived from historical transactions. While this approach provides some insights, it does not fully capture the evolving needs and preferences of advisors. 
In contrast, intent data offers a more nuanced understanding. By capturing intent data, financial services firms can proactively and strategically target advisors who are actively seeking information about specific products and services. 
Everyday, advisors read editorial content that aligns with their interests and informs their decision-making. Our patented solution continuously monitors these behaviors. Through advanced data science, we profile buyers and automatically generate actionable, information-rich signals.

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Market More Effectively and Generate Sales Leads

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Advisor IP Match enables the identification of individual Advisors and their CRD upon visiting your website without requiring cookies, logins, or sign-ups.  Additionally, we provide insights into the products and solutions they are exploring and the frequency of their research.


Our Signals Intent Solution lets you directly engage individual Advisors through context-rich, timely signals based on customized key words and categories to amplify distribution effectiveness.

This information enables a personalized approach to these Advisors based on your understanding of the asset class or practice management topic in which they express interest.

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Our Ticker Intent Solution provides insight into which tickers advisors are searching for and reading about. This solution allows you to target those advisors with direct outreach or marketing messages about your proprietary or competing product.


The Advisor Profiling Solution shows all advisor interactions based on a list of CRDs you provide us for analysis. By understanding the asset class and topics that your existing Advisor clients are interested in, you can personalize your outreach and messages to earn more of and retain their business.

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Feature your own product or solution content in a FINSUM newsletter and place on the FINSUM and NASDAQ websites. You gain SEO benefits from content placement, and we provide a list of advisors who interacted with your article once we've posted it.

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By leveraging our predictive behavioral data, our clients can:

  • Implement more effective go -to-market strategies, targeting advisors who have shown interest in specific products, solutions, or firms. 

  • Identify advisors' most current and active interests using our sophisticated data science techniques.

  • Make better-informed decisions and anticipate behaviors by using our trend data to profile advisor interests.

  • Enhance sales outreach, marketing campaigns and personas with insights drawn from intent data intelligence.  

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"30% meaningful sales phone conversations with Financial Advisors resulting from call outs from IP Matches compared to 2% overall."

$650b Asset Manager

"These solutions allowed us to be far more thoughtful with our advisor outreach efforts and key to our digital wholesaling efforts"

Head of Performance Marketing and Digital Sales

"We saw a  3X increase in advisor campaign email open rates using Signals as part of the audience vs a campaign that did not." 

Partner Marketing Director 

"We recruited 6 new reps to our mid- sized BD firms using 5 months of recruiting signals!"

VP of Business Development 

"We were able to identify 100's more advisors coming to our website each month with the IP Match Solution."  

Head of Global Marketing Technology

'Now we can focus our sales team on the most qualified leads and provide context to allow for a personalized approach."

Divisional Sales Leader




Founder and CEO

Duncan leads AdvisorTarget's data efforts and focuses specifically on how to solve client problems with behavioral data solutions. He blends his unique mix of finance experience and behavioral science training to create distribution alpha for asset managers. Prior to AT. Duncan worked at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch in equity Research and Sales trading. Duncan has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Oregon, and MPHIL in Social Anthropology and is a PhD candidate in Anthropology from the University of Oxford.




Michael is focused on client facing activities and the strategic direction of the company. Michael has extensive experience as a leader of distribution initiatives in Fin Tech, Investment and Wealth Management verticals. Michael built distribution organizations for Schwab, Russell Investments and co-founded FinTech firm Investments Advisory Network. Prior to AT Michael launched business development teams for The Tiffin Group. Michael holds a BA from Colgate University and a MBA from Yale University.




Kristin is responsible for client relationships management and operational development. She is a financial services industry veteran with extensive leadership experience in sales distribution, account/program management and sales enablement. Throughout her three decade career, she has works at several top asset managers and fintech firms including Principal, Russell Investments Schwab and Envestnet. She holds a BA in Marketing from the University of Iowa and a MBA in Finance from Drake University.

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Attached is our privacy policy. If you have any questions please contact us.

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